Ha, I forgot I had this blog. :)

Well, I guess it’s been a long time since I started this blog, and I completely forgot about it until I clicked on my own name on a website and it linked to this page.  Ta da!

Hmmm, what’s new?  M is going to be in 2nd grade this coming school year, and T, my baby, starts kindergarten.  They really are both incredible kids.  M is going to a sewing camp this week.  Last week they both had camps, M went to a theater camp and T went to a sports camp.

M is a creative genius, theater, drawing, designing, sewing, anything really.  I really hope he is able to follow his passions and turn his creativity into his career and that it always brings him the same level of joy that it does now.  T is an intelligent lover.  He memorizes this easily, states, capitals, countries, planets, super hero, and anything else he is interested in.  He also loves to cuddle, all the time, every day.  I hope he never outgrows that.

It’s bed time, so I must get going, but hopefully I can bookmark this page and remember to come back and update this every now and then.


Ugh,  I have been out running twice and my knee is done.  I really don’t think it is tied to running, but I’m not sure what caused it.  After waking up with a sore knee on Tuesday morning, and it getting worse and swelling all week I went to the doctor on Friday afternoon.  She ordered an x-ray, but it wasn’t conclusive.  Now I wait for Monday to have an MRI to see if it’s my ACL or just a really nasty sprain.  Either way, I’m not supposed to run on it for about a month.